7 Wineries and Vineyards to Visit in Greece

7 Wineries and Vineyards to Visit in Greece

Whilst European countries such as France, Spain, Italy, and even the UK, have made their mark in Europe, and the world’s, wine scene, Greece has long had a grounding in viticulture.

For hundreds of years, the country has been continuing to quietly collaborate with its pristine and fertile landscapes to craft an assortment of varieties of grapes, each with its own tastes and complexities, across both its mainland and islands, thanks to its generations of winemakers and viticulture experts. 

It may surprise you to hear that Greece is actually one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the entire world, with the first evidence of Greek wine dating back as far as 6,500 years ago. And it is known to be one of the only fine-wine-producing regions on the continent. 

With this, comes a plethora of exceptional wine-growing landscapes, dotted with terrace upon terrace of tall leafy vines nurturing some of the best of each region and island’s crop. This also means, for those who consider themselves to be wine lovers and even connoisseurs, a holiday to Greece can be a paradise to savor some of the best Greek wines on offer and immerse yourself in the wine regions of Greece.

That’s why here at Unforgettable Greece, our experts have outlined some of the best Greek vineyards and wineries to visit across the country’s regions, to highlight exactly where you should go to tantalize your tastebuds on your next vino adventure here in Greece.

Santorini: Venetsanos Winery

Santorini, Greece Mobile Banner
Santorini Venetsanos Winery

One of the Cyclades islands located in the bright blue Aegean Sea, Santorini has been a popular destination for tourists for years thanks to its white-washed, quintessential Cycladic architecture with striking blue accents.

But, what the island is also renowned for is its deep-rooted heritage in the art of winemaking. Santorini vineyards are nestled in the craggy and volcanic landscape and there are numerous wineries in Santorini that can be visited by tourists, one of which is the Venetsanos Winery.

Located in Megalochori, close to the West coast of the island, this quaint winery describes itself as ‘carved into the landscape’, and offers exceptional views of the glassy turquoise Adriatic Sea and the rugged volcanic cliffs of Santorini, overlooking the famous Santorini Caldera. 

This winery in Santorini showcases the traditional Cycladic architecture that Santorini is known for, featuring white-washed buildings built into the cliffside. There are a number of Santorini wines available for tasting to guests, including the grape varieties of Mandilaria and Assyrtiko. The winery was built in 1947 by the Venetsanos family and was the first industrial winery in Santorini. 

Be sure to make the most of the winery’s terrace, where you can indulge in a wine tasting in Santorini,  and if this is in the evening you can even have your experience whilst watching a beautiful Greek sunset. Regarded as the best winery in Santorini, and undoubtedly one of the most picturesque, this is an experience on this Cycladic island that you can’t afford to miss which will satisfy both your eyes and your palate! Wine tastings are available and should be booked in advance.

Thessaloniki: Domaine Florian

Grape vines, Greece

Known for its bustling city setting and vibrant foodie scene, showcasing the very best of Greek cuisine, Thessaloniki should be on anyone’s list of Greek destinations to visit. 

And when it comes to the city’s wine scene, it certainly has its fair share of wine bars and, if you care to venture outside of its buzzing center, some of the best wineries in Greece that are well worth a mention, with Domaine Florian being one of these.

Domaine Florian is located only a few kilometers from Thessaloniki center, nestled in the beautiful hilly landscapes, atop one of three hills that dominate East Thessaloniki’s landscape. Its micro-climate of fertile soils and the sweeping mild winds from the sea offers the ideal conditions for growing and cultivating wines. 

This vantage point offers unrivaled panoramic views of the area surrounding Thessaloniki, and the well-known wine-growing region of Epanomi. This boutique and family-run winery has passed down its skills and knowledge in winemaking from generation to generation, and now, produces some of the most delectable products in the Greek wine regions. 

One of the most unique aspects of this winery is its underground cellar. Built with a clay floor and covered with marble, this provides the perfect conditions for the constant fermentation of its red wines.

Mykonos: Vioma Winery

Mykonos island Greece
Vineyard wine tasting

Whilst Mykonos has developed its reputation for its swathes of sandy shorelines and its thriving nightlife, this Southeastern Cycladic island’s wine scene has been developing in the background of its photogenic vistas for decades, with some of the best wineries in Greece being located here.

And the Mykonos Vioma Winery is a prime example of this. Located in the picturesque village of Ano Mera, a charming traditional settlement in the central part of the island featuring white-washed buildings and beautiful cobbled streets, this winery has been a leader in the organic cultivation of wine for years. 

Vioma Winery values simplicity and the traditions that enable it to thrive on the island and fulfill its organic farming practices and biodynamic cultivation. Set in the grounds of Panaghia Tourliani Monastery, since 1994, the vineyard has made this part of the landscape thrive, covering its soil in verdant vines of traditional Aegean-sea grape varieties. These include the Athiri, Agiannitis, and the Malagouzia. 

This greek vineyard and winery offers its visitors a memorable wine-to-table experience, as they can sample some of the best organic wines on the island, alongside sumptuous local food. They will also experience an insight into organic farming techniques, all whilst being hosted by the friendly and hospitable staff on the vineyard.

Crete: Lyrarakis

Crete vineyards

The largest of Greece’s plethora of islands, Crete’s landscapes are lined with everything from ancient ruins drenched in mythology and history to untouched shorelines, and areas of thriving local agriculture.

Crete is one of Greece’s islands and regions that is at the forefront of its agricultural production, growing everything from olives to vegetables, and, of course, grapes. You’ll find one of the best Greece wine tasting experiences and vineyards on this island, located in its central region.

 Lyrarakis Winery and Tasting Room is a family-owned estate that has been functioning since 1996. The high-quality wines produced in its vineyard are predominantly local and rare varieties, as the winery prides itself on this focus, alongside producing single-variety wines. The winery itself was responsible for the revival of two ancient Cretian varieties – the Plyto and the Dafni. 

Visiting this vineyard offers a particularly picturesque experience for wine lovers. Sitting beneath the Lassithi mountains, you can walk amongst the vines and savor some of the best Greek wine on the island. You can even opt for a picnic experience where you can simply relax within the natural vineyard landscape whilst drinking and eating the local crop.

Corfu: Goulis Winery

Sidari, Corfu
Vine canopy, Corfu

The home-run Goulis Winery on the island of Corfu showcases some of the best Greek wines that Corfu has to contribute to the country’s vino scene. With its first vine planted in 1992, it has developed its name on the island, and around the world, for being a sensational multi-generational producer of Corfu local wines. 

You’ll find the winery’s product to be showcased not only in local eateries, wine bars, and shops but also further afield. This includes its recognition at the London Wine Competition in 2020, with its Kakotrygis wine being awarded bronze for its variety. The winery also offers sales of its product and Corfu wine tastings for visitors at its ‘Cellar Door’. 

From crisp white wines to aromatic and flavourful reds, the selection of beautifully cultivated and organic wines are produced with pride and passion at this local winery, where tourists are free to visit to see where the magic is made.

Rhodes: Alexandris Winery

Lindos, Rhodes Mobile Banner
People at winery and vineyard

As one of the most popular Greek islands, Rhodes sees visitors flocking to its tranquil coastal hotspots and medieval settlements and architecture every year, leaving them much to be mesmerized by during a stay.

Whilst its craggy landscapes dotted with sheltered towns and villages may seem like vineyards would be the last thing to be within its borders, Rhodes still has several wineries and vineyards showcasing the island’s selection of Greek wine to its locals and visitors. 

Nestled on the slopes of Mount Ataviros in Embona in Rhodes, which is the highest mountain on the island, the family winery Alexandris is spread across 14 acres. Its 3rd generation of winemakers take advantage of new and advancing technologies, alongside their traditional cultivation techniques, to craft the perfect balance in their vinification and wine growing processes.

The winery itself produces wines from grapes that are only grown within its vineyards, making for an exclusive wine-tasting experience.

Achaia Clauss: Mainland Greece

Meteora, Greece Mobile
Achaia Clauss winery

Founded in 1861, Achaia Clauss is located on Greece’s mainland in the northern area of its southern region. 

The winery is, in fact, the oldest in Greece and is, therefore, a symbol of where Greece’s phenomenal viticulture and wine production started. This has led this winery to have developed one of the greatest reputations in Europe, and the world’s, wine scene today. 

Found in one of the most distinctive winery settings, the castle in which the winery is built has been perfectly preserved to this present day, having been found and renovated by the owner after which the winery is named – Bavarian Gustav Clauss. Gustav himself is widely considered to be the individual who first established the institution of Wine Tourism in Greece, so is largely to thank for Greece’s much-loved wine scene.

One of the most interesting areas of the castle is its old imperial cellar. This is where the old winery once operated, and visitors can view the huge wine barrels which are still home to the Mavrodaphni variation dating back to 1873, making this the oldest wine in Greece. 

Thousands of visitors walk through Achaia Clauss’ doors every year, whether it’s to see its splendid views, soak in the history of the site itself, or to visit the ‘Varelatiko’ museum to understand the origins of the winery and vineyard firsthand.


Touched by the gods when it comes to fertile landscapes, blissful Mediterranean weather, and the perfect varieties of local grapes, Greece’s harmony of perfect conditions and seasoned winemakers means it’s a paradise for those looking to savor the best wines in Greece, and even the world. 

Whether you’re looking to experience just one of the above-mentioned wineries and vineyards, and therefore the locations in which they’re nestled, or more, small ship cruises and private tours are a fantastic way to immerse yourself completely in the attractions and offerings of each of Greece’s unique and wondrous locations. 

Fancy a glass (or two!) of Greek wine for yourself? Our range of spectacular private Greek tours here at Unforgettable Greece are each handcrafted by our experts to allow you to experience the magnificence of the wine regions of Greece in their full glory.

Contact a member of our team to begin collaborating and planning your next dream Greek vacation!

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