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Nora Frohberg, Travel Specialist

Nora Frohberg, Unforgettable GreeceWhere are you from originally and what got you into travel?
I was born in Potsdam, where I spent my childhood and we moved to Berlin when I was a young teenager. There was nothing specific that got me into travel, just the urge to visit new places. I remember being fascinated by and browsing through tour operators’ travel catalogues for hours at a young age. At some point, I started planning our family trips, compared hotel offerings, calculated the best deals, etc. Later I studied tourism and have been in the industry for 20+ years by now.

Favourite childhood travel memory?
More the teenage travel memories…the first trips without parents, with friends on organized youth trips to the South of France and Spain – by coach! Two days of travel each way for a week of fun – total torture from today’s perspective. 😊

How many countries have you travelled to so far?
About 70 (I spent three years working on a cruise ship so got to see a lot during that time.)

Favourite destination(s) you have been to and why?
Mediterranean is always a favourite as it has many different faces, but all have their own character, history, beauty…
I also love the fjords of Norway and the somehow cooler atmosphere of the northern countries in general.
Favourite cities include Barcelona, Istanbul, San Francisco, one of the reasons being that they are by the water.

What is on your bucket list?
Hm…I have never made it to Hawaii and would love to go. Other than that, just trips I want to take with my son as he grows up…“glamping” in a tree-house, going on a Safari, anything new really.

Your most annoying travelling habit?
I always plan to start packing ahead of time for a relaxed departure and then I never do. I usually end up closing my bag the minute I have to head out.

What 5 things do you always travel with?
Passport, credit card, some cash, sunglasses and my kindle, nothing unusual.

What type of holidays do you typically book and why?
Depends a bit who I travel with, but in general I like to go to places where I can relax, but also explore something interesting in case I get too relaxed (bored). I also enjoy cruises because you can relax on board, but still see a lot in a short period of time.

What makes you passionate about designing trips to Greece?
Even it though it is a smaller country, there are stunning destinations to be found; popular spots or off-the-beaten-path gems. I enjoy guiding visitors to make the most of their holidays based on what they are looking for…adventure, fun by the sea, history, culinary experiences, you name it, Greece has it!

What part of Greece do you feel should be on every traveller’s itinerary and why?
Athens and the Acropolis. Though the city doesn’t have the best reputation due to pollution, noise, heavy traffic, etc. it does have some beautiful sides to it that visitors should not miss, as well as an emerging art and restaurant scene, stunning museums, and of course: Acropolis – majestically sitting on its rock overlooking the hustle and bustle for thousands of years!

What hidden gems do you feel travellers should discover when visiting Greece?
The mainland’s North…Zagorohoria is stunning and widely unknown to foreign visitors.

Your favourite experience you love including in clients trips and why?
Cooking classes because it allows guests to re-create a little piece of Greece back home.

Your favourite restaurant in Greece and why?
One of my favourites is Kouzina in Athens. It serves traditional Greek dishes with a modern twist and from the terrace one can enjoy views of Acropolis and the Ancient Agora.

As a first timer to Greece, which destinations would you recommend?
Athens, Santorini and / or Mykonos coupled with Crete and / or Naxos.

If you could self-isolate anywhere in Greece, where would it be and why?
A place like Naxos maybe, with great beaches, great food and some green inland for a change of scenery if needed.

Your top 3 activities for families when visiting Greece and why?
Walk around towns full of medieval or ancient history, sail or sea kayak, hike or bike.

Best places for foodies to discover in Greece?
Crete (wine, cheese, olive oil), Naxos (cheeses), Santorini (wine)

The best travel tip when visiting Greece?
Don’t go in high season, but rather during shoulder season or even off-season for a really authentic experience, sharing the country mostly with the locals.

Where would you suggest honeymooners visit in Greece and why?
Santorini, the ultimate romantic destination in Greece…ideally in a place overlooking the caldera!

Your favourite Greek food?
Grilled lamb chops or “kleftiko”, another lamb dish. I can eat lamb only in Greece. Everywhere else I find it smelly, in Greece it’s delicious.

Top 3 experiences for active travellers to Greece?
Hiking, cycling, sea-kayaking.

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