Nora Frohberg, Sales & Operations Coordinator

I was born in Potsdam, where I spent my childhood and we moved to Berlin when I was a young teenager. There was nothing specific that got me into travel, just the urge to visit new places. I remember being fascinated by and browsing through tour operators’ travel catalogues for hours at a young age. At some point, I started planning our family trips, compared hotel offerings, calculated the best deals, etc. Later I studied tourism and have been in the industry for 20+ years by now.

Favourite childhood travel memory?
More the teenage travel memories…the first trips without parents, with friends on organized youth trips to the South of France and Spain – by coach! Two days of travel each way for a week of fun – total torture from today’s perspective. 😊

How many countries have you travelled to so far?
About 70 (I spent three years working on a cruise ship so got to see a lot during that time.)

My Favorite Greek Island

My favourite island is Naxos. It is the largest of the Cycladic islands, but much more “down to earth” than its popular neighbouring islands of Santorini, Mykonos and even Paros. Surfers and families are far more likely to be found in Naxos than those who are after the glitzy nightlife scene. Naxos is a great place for people who want a relaxing time and are happy to hit some of the finest beaches that Greece has to offer. There are also impressive mountains and traditional villages, and Naxos is home to many Greek culinary specialities – one that really stands out is Naxian cheese – delicious!

  • Costa Navarino

    My Favorite Greek Hotel

    I am a big fan of the hotels of Costa Navarino! There is The Westin Costa Navarino, one of the best choices in Greece for a family vacation, and the slightly more upscale Romanos, also good for families but probably more frequented by golfers who come to the area for the sport. The resort has been around for a few years and offers all amenities and facilities one would expect: multiple restaurants, a great spa, a beachside location, a variety of pools and great area and entertainment for kids. The area offers lots to explore and history buffs can visit the nearby Palace of Nestor or Ancient Olympia as a day trip.

  • Greek lamb chops

    My Favorite Greek Food

    I have many, but one food I ONLY eat in Greece is lamb, my favorites being grilled lamb chops and lamb fricassee. While lamb has a rather strong smell to it in most countries I have tried it, I have never experienced that in Greece. No mint sauce needed for lamb here.

  • Lefkes Athens

    My Favorite Greek Restaurant

    Again, I have more than one, but a favorite restaurant in my neighborhood here in Athens – Lefkes – also has a branch in Santorini. They are all excellent so go make your way to Finikia, Santorini when you are there:

  • Acropolis

    My Favorite Travel Experience in Greece

    As Luke says, it may seem too obvious but Acropolis and specifically the Parthenon never gets old (and not only because it’s constantly being restored). What I find most impressive about it is its situation smack in the center, and majestically overlooking this concrete desert Athens, which really is “city built on top of city” for thousands of years. Whether I visit the actual rock and marvel down or see the Acropolis from below, I am always in awe just thinking about what this building has “lived through” – wars, earthquakes, pollution – simply amazing!

Nora's Recommended Trips