One of the largest of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes enjoys 300 days of sunshine and endless beautiful beaches from sandy to pebble stretches, but that can be found in many places across Greece. What makes it stand out from the rest is that it’s one of the best for history enthusiasts, with an incredible abundance of historic treasures that can be discovered. While it is quite developed and has become increasingly cosmopolitan, there is evidence of the island’s long history scattered throughout, with almost every destination offering a unique slice and myths to explore.


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Rhodes At A Glance

Population of Rhodes

What to See in Rhodes
Discover the Old Medieval City, Visit Lindos Acropolis & St Pauls Bay, explore the Valley of the Butterflies

Towns or islands to visit near Rhodes  Kos, Kalymnos, Halki, Symi, Tilos, Karpathos, Marmaris in Turkey (1 hour by ferry)

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Things to do in Rhodes

Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

Visit the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

Located in the city of Rhodes, this museum housed within the 15th-century former Knights’ Hospital is considered the best in the Dodecanese and showcases objects that date back to the Archaic, the Roman, the Mycenaean and the Hellenistic period. It extends from the main building into gorgeous gardens, with room and after room holding impeccably preserved ancient treasures. It includes ceramics, statues, vases, sculptures and more, with its findings from both Rhodes and other Dodecanese islands

Ancient Acropolis of Lindos

Discover the Ancient Acropolis of Lindos

One of the best places to experience rich Greek history, a steep path climbs from the high rock above Lindos, reaching this beautifully preserved Acropolis that was first walled in the 6th-century BC. Complete with battlements, ancient walls, a 20-columned Hellenistic stoa and the stunning ruins of a temple dedicated to Athena Lindia, it’s silhouetted against the nearly always bright blue skies and dazzling views of the coast, with the striking white columns glistening under the sun.

Palace of the Grand Masters

Tour the Palace of the Grand Masters

Located at the top of the Street of the Knights, this huge stronghold sits at the highest point in the old city and was constructed on the site of an older Byzantine citadel by the Knights of St. John, who ruled from the early 14th– to early 16th-century. The structure that was rebuilt by Italians in the 1930s after falling into disrepair, features crenellated ramparts, towers, pebble mosaic floors and antiques spread throughout over 150 rooms, with 20 open to the public.

Old City Walls rhodes

Palace of the Grand Masters

You can walk the ramparts of the old city walls starting from the Palace of the Grand Masters. One of the world’s finest medieval fortifications, the walls were built during the Byzantine period and extended by the knights who obsessively feared attack. They measure about two-and-a-half miles in length and include a number of spectacular gates, sturdy bastions, imposing towers, artillery firing posts and a dry moat.

Archeological Museum of Mykonos.

Explore the Archeological Museum of Mykonos

Delve more into the island’s history at this small museum in Mykonos Town which features ancient artifacts in exhibits that date from the Prehistoric to the Hellenistic periods. It includes vases, jewelry, ceramics, clay and marble statues, from Mykonos as well as neighboring Delos and Rhenia islands. The highlight is a vase with an image of the Trojan horse that dates back to the 7th-century BC.

Trips to Rhodes

Our Favorite Restaurants & Bars

Melenos Lindos Hotel

Melenos Rooftop Dining

Melonos Rooftop Dining sits on the decorative pebble mosaic roof of the Melenos Lindos Hotel, known for its exotic atmosphere and enchanting views looking over Lindos main beach, the glistening expanse of the Aegean Sea and the fortified acropolis of Lindos, beautifully lit after dark. During the day, enjoy gazing at the meandering cobblestone streets and gardens with fragrant herbs and bougainvillea. Dishes like the lamb cutlets with a lemon sauce and artichoke puree are both creative and homey. By booking a table in the first sitting, you’ll be able to dine while watching the sun dip below the sea.



Set in in a shady courtyard of the main square looking out to the acropolis in Lindos , Mavrikos was founded by Grandpa Mavrikos in 1933 as one of the area’s oldest restaurants. It’s still run by the Mavrikos family, with Chef Dimitris Mavrikos renowned for his innovative takes on old standards and simplicity of flavors. Dishes include items like pork belly with grape molasses, lamb in kumquat sauce and grilled tun with balsamic syrup, all so mouthwatering, Dimitris has earned a reputation as the most famous chef on the island.

Ostria Restaurant

Ostria Restaurant

Located along the waterfront at Kalathos Beach in a secluded area with its own beach, this family-run eatery has been serving tasty homemade meals for over two decades. Expect a warm and friendly welcome with attentive yet not intrusive service and a wide range of traditional Greek meals and fish platters. Fresh and delicious, enjoy authentic dishes such as octopus in vinegar and tzatziki with vine leaves, sea bream and sword fish followed by homemade apple pie topped with ice cream.

4 Rodies

Often referred to as the most genuine Greek restaurant in all of Rhodes, 4 Rodies is a traditional family owned meze eatery. The crème-de-la-crème for dining and enjoying a magnificent setting in a neoclassical building with a hidden backyard and beautiful blooming garden, it creates the perfect romantic setting that draws guests to return again and again. Enjoy an excellent selection of authentic Greek dishes, with high quality ingredients and exceptional service, from moussaka to lamb, ideally served with one of the homemade liqueurs.

Taverna Restaurant Platanos

Taverna Restaurant Platanos

Serving old school Greek meals in a traditional taverna, Manolis, Soula, and their two sons, welcome guests warmly, serving some amazing Greek specialties and especially friendly service. Hidden from the crowds, expect genuine dishes that can be enjoyed underneath the leafy Platanos tree which gives this eatery its name while shading the village square. In the summer, enjoy live music with signature dishes like roasted feta, smoked eggplant, octopus, original mousakka and goat in tomato sauce, all fresh and passionately prepared.

Preferred Hotels in Rhodes

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