Cosmopolitan Mykonos is renowned for its lively nightlife that provides endless excitement after dark and beautiful beaches for soaking up the sunshine during the day. A place to see and be seen, it’s also ideal for celebrity spotting and shopping, with winding streets lined with art galleries and interesting shops. The isle offers plenty of beauty to gaze at and capture on films, like iconic Cycladic buildings with whitewashed windmills that overlook Mykonos Town and magical sunsets from places like Little Venice and Agios Iannis beach.

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Mykonos At A Glance

Average Flight Time from the UK to Mykonos 3hours

Population of Mykonos

What to See in Mykonos 
Little Venice, Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm, Maroyianni Street, Archeological Museum of Mykonos, Paraportiani Church, Visit the famous Windmills

Towns or islands to visit near Mykonos  – Delos Island, Santorini, Paros, Naxos, Milos, Amorgos, FoleganndrosSifnos, Serifos

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Things to do in Mykonos

Sunset from Little Venice

Watch a Sunset from Little Venice

One of the most scenic areas of Mykonos is Little Venice, where whitewashed buildings seem to hang over the island’s edge precariously above the sea. This Chora neighborhood, overlooking the harbor on the island’s southwest end, was where ship captains settled and built their opulent homes overlooking the Aegean. Today, many of those historic homes have been converted into nightclubs, bars, restaurants and shops. Considered the top destination on the island to watch the sun go down, arrive early to one of the cocktail bars and grab a spot that faces the sea.

The Terrace of the Lions, Delos island

Take a Day Trip to Delos Island.

One of the most fascinating archaeological sites in Greece can be found on the sacred island of Delos, the mythical birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. Get lost among the ancient ruins on this tiny, unpopulated isle that was once a grand city of the Cyclades. A small museum showcases artifacts and mosaics discovered here. Wander about the ancient ruins like the Sanctuary of Apollo and the Propylaea. You may also want to hike Mount Kythnos to take in spectacular views.

Archeological Museum of Mykonos.

Explore the Archeological Museum of Mykonos.

Delve more into the island’s history at this small museum in Mykonos Town which features ancient artifacts in exhibits that date from the Prehistoric to the Hellenistic periods. It includes vases, jewelry, ceramics, clay and marble statues, from Mykonos as well as neighboring Delos and Rhenia islands. The highlight is a vase with an image of the Trojan horse that dates back to the 7th-century BC.

Paraportiani Church

Capture a Photo of Paraportiani Church.

There are 365 whitewashed churches on Mykonos, but Paraportiani is the most famous of all, made up of four chapels, each constructed at a different point in the island’s history. A sight to behold, it’s one of the world’s most photographed churches and features a variety of religious decorations that date back to the Middle Ages. Capture your own shot around sunset, just as the light is beginning to change.

WIndmills of Mykonos

Visit the Windmills

The 16 iconic windmills that overlook Little Venice date back to the 16th-century. While they’re no longer operation, they stand as a monument to early innovation and offer magnificent views from their hilltop perch, including the Chora and the harbor beyond. Walk here for the impressive panoramic vista and to get a glimpse of Mykonian history.

Trips to Mykonos

  • Highlights of Greece 9 Day Small Ship Cruise

    Athens - Kea - Delos - Mykonos - Santorini - Rethymnon/Crete - Kythira - Monemvassia - Nafplion - Hydra - Athens

    8 DAYS
    From $3,050PP
    A 9 day luxury Greek islands small ship cruise visiting the key highlights of Greece including Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Crete with lesser known destinations including Hydra, Monemvassia and Kythira. Enjoy an overnight stay in a 4 star hotel in Athens prior to boarding the cruise.
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  • Athens, Delphi & Cyclades 11 Day Cruise Tour

    Athens - Kea - Delos - Mykonos - Santorini - Rethymnon/Crete - Kythira - Monemvassia - Nafplion - Hydra - Delphi - Athens

    10 DAYS
    From $3,995PP
    Explore Athens, Delphi, Acropolis and the Greek islands of Crete, Mykonos, Santorini, Hydra and more on this luxury 11 day Greece small ship cruise tour
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  • Best of Greece 8 Day Small Ship Cruise

    Athens - Kea - Delos - Mykonos - Santorini - Rethymnon/Crete - Kythira - Monemvassia - Nafplion - Hydra - Athens

    8 DAYS
    From $2,990PP
    An 8 day luxury Greek islands small ship cruise visiting the best of Greece including Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Crete with lesser known destinations including Hydra, Monemvassia and Kythira. Enjoy an overnight stay in a 4 star hotel in Athens prior to boarding the cruise.
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  • The Cyclades 8 Day Food and Wine Experience

    Athens - Mykonos (by air) - Santorini (by sea) - Athens (by air)

    7 DAYS
    From $2,995PP
    This 8 day Greece culinary adventure is all about food, wine and cooking in the Cyclades and beyond, starting in Athens, the birthplace of modern civilization. Discover the best of Mykonos and Santorini too, taking home new skills to share with friends and family back home.
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Our Favorite Restaurants & Bars

Kikis Tavern

Kiki’s Tavern

A local institution, Kiki’s Tavern is a tiny traditional restaurant tucked behind Agios Sostis church on a small hill in front of a gorgeous beach. Considered the best taverna for dining al fresco in all of Mykonos, it doesn’t need to advertise, in fact, it doesn’t even have a sign, a phone number or a website. A few tables on a shady terrace overlook the sea for dining on food cooked fresh on the grill. Sip drinks while you wait, as the enticing aroma of chops, chicken and prawns sizzling on the grill waft through the air – they’re accompanied with baked feta, potatoes, eggplant and tasty salads. When the food runs out, usually before sunset, Kiki’s closes.

Krama restaurant


Krama, a Greek word indicating a harmonious marriage of parts that come together to create a symphonious meal, is aptly named, translating to a perfect blend of outstanding local ingredients in its dishes. The stunning restaurant hosts a veranda for alfresco dining overlooking the sparkling pool surrounded by hundreds for tiny lights for an especially romantic ambiance. With so many delicious choices you may want to opt for the tasting menu to enjoy everything from Martini Sea Rolls and Ouzo Artichokes to sea urchin and grilled lamb marinated with sun dried tomatoes and aged Graviera cheese.

Limnos tavern

Limnios Tavern

A classic tavern and grill often referred to as one of the island’s top hidden gems, Limnios Tavern is a local favorite, an institution for over two decades. Discover authentic tastes of Mykonian and traditional Greek fare while enjoying a spectacular view of Delos Island and colorful sunsets. If you book one of the window tables, you’ll get an especially magical setting. Many dishes are prepared with locally-sourced meats; sumptuous lamb chops are just one of its specialties, along with items like stuffed vine leaves and moussaka.

Tokyo Joe

Tokyo Joe

A top spot for Athenian sushi, Tokyo Joe is a relaxed sushi bar in a contemporary space just outside Mykonos Town serving traditional Japanese with a creative twist, best-known for its sashimi, sushi and expertly curated omakase. While it opened in Mykonos only recently, it’s been a popular staple in Athens for many years. The expert sushi chef prepares original recipes and signature dishes, like the tuna salad, a favorite among regulars. It’s ideal for a light lunch or after spending time by the sea.

Narcissus restaurant

Narcissus Restaurant

Set within the Kouros Hotel Mykonos, Narcissus truly boasts a jaw-dropping view if there ever was one, with a dramatic setting that sets a seductive scene for romance, facing the island’s famous sunsets and Mykonos Town. Enjoy a menu of Mediterranean modern fusion prepared with local ingredients served at poolside, accompanied by an outstanding selection of Greek wines. A “dream-like” experience, feast on dishes like Lobster Thermidor or Lamb Loin Fricassee followed by Tirami-Choux with mango and caramel, or go for the fabulous tasting menu.

Our Preferred Hotels in Mykonos

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