Muno Mandizha, Senior Greece Trip Designer

Born in Zambia, raised in Zimbabwe, now residing in Surrey, UK. I came to England to study, graduated and started my career in the travel industry. I have been blessed with having the opportunity to visit many countries through this type of work. I always tell people l meet, that “I sell dreams” and that is true. Every person’s travel desire can be made into reality.

I am a keen runner and have run countless 10kms and half marathons and have taken the plunge to run 2 full marathons which have been tough but enjoyable. I remember laughing at friends who ran so far and thought why, really – why? They now laugh at me as l have been bitten by the running bug and have become passionate about how the roads and hills will not conquer me, but l will conquer them! I ran the London Marathon with a time of 3hrs 57mins and hope to get to beat that time in my next race!

  • Hydra

    My Favorite Greek Island

    I would recommend a visit to the wonderful Greek island of Hydra, which is in the heart of the Argo Saronic Gulf. It took just 2 hours in a ferry from the frantic but beautiful city of Athens and felt like a million miles away. On the island, cars are banned – so donkeys are the main mode of transportation. Greece is well known for its sunsets from many of the island locations but the one I experienced in Hydra was truly the most stunning I have ever experienced!

  • Cocomat Athens

    My Favorite Greek Hotel

    The Coco-Mat Athens BC is the one for me, centrally located and adjacent the Acropolis Museum and within a 10 minute walk of other popular attractions like the Acropolis, itself. With amazing views of the Acropolis from its roof terrace it makes the perfect place to start or end your trip in Greece.

  • Kleftiko

    My Favorite Greek Food

    It has to be Kleftiko, being a lover of meat, there is no other way to go. Although l have been warned countless times by my wife that l should cut down on my meat consumption. Kleftiko is a simple, classic Greek dish of lamb and potatoes. The lamb is marinated overnight, then wrapped in baking paper with potatoes, onions and herbs and slow-roasted until the meat is falling off the bone……DELICIOUSSSSSS!!!!

  • Delos

    My Favorite Travel Experience in Greece

    Being a big fan of ancient history, l had the pleasure of visiting Delos on the 8 day Best of Greece small ship cruise and visiting Delos was one of the excursions offered. The archaeological site on the island of Delos has the remains of a sanctuary to the gods – Apollo and Artemis, and the city that developed around it. The on-site museum has one of the finest collections of ancient Greek sculpture, as well as displays exhibiting numerous artefacts recovered from excavations around the island. These artefacts give an insight into the daily life of the ancient inhabitants of the island. Worth a visit if l must say!

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