Greece or Croatia: Which Destination to Choose?

Greece or Croatia: Which Destination to Choose?

Dreaming of a Mediterranean getaway but can’t decide between the sun-soaked paradises of Greece or Croatia? Both countries are renowned for their glorious coastline, wonderful cuisine and enchanting architecture. 

With so much to offer, it can be difficult to decide whether to head to the beautiful country of Croatia or Greece. 

In this article, we explore the highlights of each country, covering everything from cuisine to coastlines.  In doing so, we hope to ease the decision-making process and help you determine whether you would like to go to Croatia or Greece.

Is Croatia Near Greece?

Athens Skyline at Dusk

First thing’s first: you may want to gain a better grasp of where Greece and Croatia are. Both countries are located in the Balkans, a stunning geographical area in southeastern Europe known for its gorgeous summer weather. 

Greece is located at the bottom of Europe and lies bordered by the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Ionian Sea. Croatia, on the other hand, is a crescent-shaped country situated along the Adriatic Sea, beside Slovenia and Hungary. 

The countries lie about 864 km away from each on the Balkan peninsula which is celebrated for its ancient cities, spellbinding architecture and breathtaking landscapes.

Greece vs Croatia: Beaches

Zlatni Rat

Wondering why to visit Greece or Croatia? Look no further than the countries’ coastlines. They both boast a world-renowned shoreline home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 

Expect twinkling-blue waters and pristine white pebbles or sand wherever you go in these picturesque parts of the world. We have shared some key information on the beaches in Greece and Croatia to give you an idea of what to expect from a seaside getaway in these countries.


Wanting to head to the coastline during your trip? Prepare to be blown away by the dazzling shores of Greece. You’ll come across stunning golden-sand beaches all over the country, all lined with picture-perfect turquoise waters. 

One of the most amazing beaches in Greece would be Kokkini. Situated on Santorini, the shore is lined with spectacular scarlet rocks and sand which create the most marvelous sight to behold. Naturally, you can also expect to be left in awe of the water at Kokkini which is crystal-clear and shimmering.

The Greek island of Milos is another destination famed for its beaches. From white sand coves surrounded by caves to incredible lunar-like bays, it comes as no wonder why this landmass has earned such high regard for its coastline. 

Sarakiniko Beach is one of the best beaches in Milos Island. This jaw-droppingly beautiful cove is surrounded by huge, otherworldly bone-white boulders. The contrast between the milky rocks and the dazzling blue shade of the water is sure to take your breath away. 

In fact, Sarakiniko Beach is one of the most photographed landscapes in the Aegean. You certainly won’t want to miss out on this sensational spot when vacationing in Greece.


Croatia is also home to spectacular beaches. Its stunning coastline stretches over 1,800 kilometers and is teeming with wonderful secluded coves and tranquil bays. One thing to be aware of is that the majority of beaches in Croatia are pebble-lined, rather than sand. 

While this might not be quite as kind to the feet, this does leave the waters flawlessly crystal-clear. That being said, you can find several sandy beaches in the country, they are a little hard to find. 

Zlatni Rat certainly stands out as one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. The enchanting piece of coastline lies on the picturesque island of Brač and is absolutely gorgeous.Nicknamed Golden Cape or Golden Horn due to its unique shape, it is one of the most incredible and famous beaches in Croatia. 

Saharun is another of the country’s stand-out shorelines. The breathtaking beach is located off the coast of the city of Zadar on the island of Dugi Otok. The beach extends a kilometer long and boasts vibrant blue waters that are perfect for swimming and snorkeling. 

Its shores are lined with a forest of fragrant pine trees that create an enchanting setting for a day at the beach.

Greece vs Croatia: History

Overview of the Acropolis, Athens

Do historical attractions come into the equation? If so, no matter whether you opt for a holiday in Greece or Croatia, you can expect to find an abundance of fascinating sites to see. Below, we have highlighted the unique historical appeal of each country to help you make an informed decision.


Greece is steeped in historical appeal, with ancient ruins, temples and archaeological sites. This country is a paradise for those who enjoy delving into the heritage of their vacation destination. Acropolis Hill is, of course, one of the most famous landmarks in the world and is an iconic symbol of ancient Greek civilization.

The glorious citadel is located in the Acropolis, otherwise known as the Makrigianni neighborhood of Athens, one of the oldest cities in the world. A highly-renowned UNESCO World Heritage site, the attraction is famed for its 5th-century BC monuments such as the Parthenon and Temple of Athena Nike. 

Offering a spectacular glimpse into the rich heritage and culture of the area, The Acropolis is certainly one of the best neighborhoods to visit in Athens. You’ll also find plenty more incredible historical gems to investigate throughout the country.

For example, The Monasteries of Meteora and Olympia are two of the best Ancient Greek sites to visit. In summary, the country is an absolute gold mine for those looking to dive in and discover the heritage of their vacation destination.


Croatia is another great place to visit for history buffs as it is home to a wonderful wealth of fascinating sites and landmarks. In Split, you can visit the Diocletian’s Palace – one of the largest and best-preserved monuments of Roman architecture in the world. 

The spectacular UNESCO-protected monument traces back to around 295 CE when it was built by the emperor as his place of retirement. With truly stunning architecture, Diocletian’s Palace is a must-visit for those visiting Croatia on vacation. 

Another terrific historic site to visit in the country is Dubrovnik’s Old Town Walls. Originally constructed in the 10th century, the remarkable fortification system has been protecting the city for thousands of years.

One of the best things to do in the city is to walk along the walls as you will be blessed with glorious views of the terracotta roofs of the Old Town on one side and a magnificent vista over the twinkling waters of the Adriatic Sea on the other.

Greece vs Croatia: Cuisine

Souvlaki, Greek Food - 700x400

If you’re wondering “should I visit Croatia or Greece” on account of cuisine, your decision might just get a little bit more difficult. Both countries boast sensational food scenes that encompass everything from traditional bites to multicultural dishes.

We have provided a summary of the culinary delights to expect during a visit to Greece and Croatia to help you decide which is best suited to your personal taste. 


The picturesque country of Greece has a phenomenal food scene. Many of its traditional recipes take advantage of the country’s Mediterranean climate and coastal location, featuring a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs and fresh fish.

One of the country’s most famous dishes is moussaka, a baked dish made with eggplant, minced meat, and béchamel sauce. Another fantastic traditional Greek food is souvlaki. Otherwise known as gyros, this tasty snack consists of grilled meat or vegetables served on a skewer and is absolutely delicious.

Dolmades are another must-try for those on vacation in Greece. The dish is made from grape leaves stuffed with rice and herbs and is often served as a side dish.  Of course, another staple of the local cuisine is Greek Salad.

Otherwise known as horiatiki, you are likely to have come across this gorgeous dish on menus before. However, prepare to be blown away by the experience of trying it in its homeland. You will be tasting the dish at its most authentic and most traditional. A wonderful experience for foodies!


Croatia also boasts a phenomenal food scene. Dishes are characterized by the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients including seafood, meat, vegetables and fruits. You’ll find influences of many other cultures in the cuisine such as Italy, Austria, Hungary and the Balkans. 

The result is a sensational blend of Mediterranean and continental cuisine featuring beautifully-seasoned, fresh ingredients. One of the most famous dishes in Croatia is peka. The recipe consists of meat or seafood slow-cooked with vegetables over an open fire. 

Another popular dish is Ćevapčići: grilled minced meat patties served with onions and flatbread. Seafood is also a staple of Croatian cuisine. You can expect to find fish, squid and shellfish featuring prominently on many traditional menus. 

Oysters in lemon juice, octopus salad and black risotto are all classic dishes in Croatia. The country is also something of a cheese-lovers paradise. You’ll find a spectacular range of regional varieties on offer including Paški sir, a hard, sheep’s milk cheese from the island of Pag. 

Additionally, the Istrian region of Croatia is world-renowned for its truffle production. You’ll often find this scrumptious regional delicacy grated over dishes such as pasta, scrambled eggs and steak. 

Why Visit Greece?


Between ancient ruins, museums, a dazzling shoreline and fantastic cuisine, it’s almost impossible to find places like Greece that truly have it all. Spend the day on the country’s world-renowned shores, catching a tan on the golden sand before cooling off in the shimmering-blue waters. 

Then, tick off some of the most iconic historic sites on the planet before sitting down to an exquisite traditional meal.

Why Visit Croatia?

Croatia Beach

Croatia is another wonderful destination for a vacation. Serving up stunning historic sites, beautiful beaches and a fantastic food scene, the country offers the perfect place for a Mediterranean getaway. 

The crystal-clear waters of Croatia’s pristine coastline offer the perfect backdrop for sunbathing and swimming. The superb cuisine in the area is a delight to explore, showcasing fresh seafood and locally sourced ingredients. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, Croatia has something for everyone.


In summary, it is not a case of whether it is better to visit Croatia or Greece as both countries are absolutely magnificent and offer a wealth of attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy. Instead, this is a question of which country is best suited to you and better fits what you are looking for from your holiday.

Whichever destination you choose, rest assured that you’ll be treated to a unique and unforgettable vacation exploring spellbinding landscapes, ancient sites and a wonderful food scene.

Considering visiting the beautiful country of Greece? Contact us and let a regional expert curate a bespoke travel itinerary for you that will guide you to all of the most magnificent sites in the country. Take a private tour or small ship cruise to tick off all of the country’s top attractions as well as the underexplored hidden gems that most tourists miss out on.

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