Where to Stay in Milos Island, Greece

Where to Stay in Milos Island, Greece

Also known as the ‘island of colors’, Milos is one of Greece’s 227 inhabited isles. Located in the Aegean Sea, between Athens and the island of Crete, Milos is only small in size, stretching roughly 160 square kilometers. But, don’t let this fool you as this island truly packs a punch for visitors looking to experience island life at its best. 

Milos island has been blessed with a variety of beautiful coastal landscapes, boasting peaceful bays, bright white shorelines, and glistening turquoise waters. In contrast, its vibrant and striking inland landscapes are the home of vivid rock formations and volcanic regions, creating a diverse scenic environment. 

When it comes to its settlements, Milos radiates traditional Greek charm, which has been preserved thanks to the island being a lesser-visited spot compared to its neighbors. Its lovable villages and towns are brimming with the quintessential characteristics of Greek settlements, including white-washed homes and buildings, old cobblestone streets, and ocean-blue accents. 

So, for those looking to discover a more tranquil and traditional greek location, and for beach dwellers who are in search of sampling some of the best of Greece’s sandy havens, Milos is without a doubt worthy of a visit. 

And when it comes to where there is to stay on Milos, there are plenty of options. Despite the island being small, there are several areas each with its own delights and unique beauty that will leave you in a state of disbelief at how picturesque this Greek isle is. 

That’s why, in this blog post, we’ve highlighted some of the best places to stay in Milos so that you can pick and choose the best locations for your Greek island vacation experience. So, keep reading to discover exactly what this breathtaking island has to offer!

Adamas harbor view


Adamas Milos is a thriving destination in the northern part of the island that remains popular amongst tourists and locals alike. For those visiting the island for the first time, we would highly recommend considering Adamas as a location to base yourself from when deciding where to stay in Milos. 

The town has developed its reputation for its breath-taking harbor and for being home to some of the best beaches in Milos. Its main beach, known as Adamas beach, is the most popular on the island, lying only a short walking distance from the town and its port. It is a thin stretch of golden sandy shoreline met by crystal clear waters, offering a tranquil setting for sunbathing and swimming. Visitors can even try their hand at water sports activities, including paddleboarding and kayaking, whilst here. 

Tripiti beach view with blue waters and rocks


Situated in the southwest of the island, Tripiti Milos is an idyllic settlement in Milos, Greece known for its rich history and fantastic Greek traditional architecture. 

It is one of the best places to stay in Milos for those looking for a more authentic experience during a vacation here, offering ample opportunities to discover the heritage and culture of this lovely Greek island. 

Tripiti is filled with Cycladic-style buildings and houses, embodying a quintessential Greek island settlement. As you walk through its cobblestone streets, you can gaze upon the white-washed houses with bright blue details on their doors and windows, which are truly picturesque. 

Pollonia beach


Located in the northeast, Pollonia Milos is a quaint fishing village that is one of the best places to stay on the island for those in search of a tranquil and relaxed getaway immersed in natural beauty. 

Pollonia is best known for the calm beaches that surround its small settlement. Its main beach is a tiny curved bay boasting bright turquoise waters with colorful boats anchored beside its shoreline. This is the ideal spot for a relaxed beach day out, where visitors can paddle, swim, and sunbathe in peace and tranquility. 

Plaka milos


Plaka Milos perfectly encapsulates the vibrant nightlife scene that Greece is known to offer, alongside beautiful architecture and cultural sites. The settlement is the capital and chief town of Milos, located inland on the Northern tip of the island.

Built atop a hill, visitors to the town can expect exceptional surrounding views stretching across the Aegean Sea and the craggy coastal and inland landscapes of Milos island. Much like Hora is to Mykonos or Heraklion is to Crete, Plaka is the hive and center of all activity on Milos, just on a smaller scale than its Greek island counterparts. 


Sarakiniko beach


Located on the northern curve of the island, Sarakiniko is an area that surrounds one of the most iconic Milos and Greek beaches, Sarakiniko beach.

This beach is one of the island’s most famed and favorite hotspots. Shaped by volcanic activity, its natural beauty is unmatched due to its huge rock formations that cascade and border the bright Aegean Sea. 

Thousands of tourists flock annually to Sarakiniko beach given its uniqueness, beautiful sandy shorelines, and fantastic photo opportunities.


Mandrakia beach


Mandrakia Milos is another small fishing village situated on Milos’ northern coast. It is a prime example of simple, quintessential Greek living, surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and showcasing traditional architecture. 

The atmosphere of Mandrakia is peaceful, so, if it’s critical that your chosen Milos locations have an air of calmness and relaxation, Mandrakia should be placed high on your list. 

Everything about this settlement shows what real Greek island life is like, from its laid-back attitude to its white-washed homes. It’s the perfect location to switch off from whatever may be happening in your life and have a moment to reflect, allowing every worry or thought to simply melt away. 

Papafragas Beach, Milos


Milos island has a wealth of locations each offering its own unique experiences to visitors looking to have a quintessential Greek island vacation. From its charming and colorful fishing villages to areas home to famed geological spectacles, this island is a wonderful, lesser-visited paradise for all.

Those looking to experience some of the top islands in Greece, including Milos, can do so during our ‘The Aegean Gems’ Tour. During this 9-day tour, you’ll discover not only Greece’s sunny island paradises, but also famed and fascinating mainland hotspots to give you a full picture of Greece’s unique beauty, and breathtaking landscapes, and to sample its unrivaled cuisine. 

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