Greece in July

Greece in July

It’s no surprise that July in Greece is part of the high season for tourism. Beautiful settings, glorious sunshine, azure-clear skies and warm sparkling waters where you can stroll on velvet-soft sand and lounge all day on the beach; it is any sun-worshipper’s idea of paradise.

But what is it that makes Greece so special? Whether it’s the allure of the country’s unique history between reality and mythology, or the breathtaking distinctive landscapes and towns that so beautifully comprise the country, Greece is a must-visit destination that steals a piece of every traveller’s heart.

Greece’s devastating charm is held in its simplicity. It houses several rustic, car-free islands, intriguing historical monuments and the famous white-washed, blue-roofed homes in helplessly romantic settings. 

The Greek people possess a disarming amount of hospitality, rolling out the metaphorical red carpet for visitors. You can be sure that you will have amazing experiences, whether you’re taking part in some exciting water-sports, or dining at a romantic seafood taverna. 

Allow our team at Unforgettable Greece to help plan your visit to Greece in July, showcasing the best that the Mediterranean has to offer.  

Balos Beach, Crete

Greece Weather in July

The weather in Greece in July is undoubtedly the hottest time of year. It certainly delivers on the expectations of the glorious Mediterranean climate, feeling very hot and dry in the middle of the day. Average temperatures sit around 28°C, with Athens especially seeing temperatures soar to heights of 33°C. Temperatures dip to a still very pleasant 23°C in places further south like Santorini and you can expect an intermittent light breeze which will have a welcome cooling effect in this kind of heat. 

The UV index from the sun’s rays sits at 10 in July, which is considered to be a very high health risk from unprotected sun exposure. Although Greece in July may seem like a sun worshipper’s paradise, it is imperative that you remain responsible whilst having your fun in the sun. Seek proper skin and eye protection, especially between 10 am and 4 pm. 


Sani Festival

Sani Festival

If you’re searching for a festival in Greece that could be suitable for a family whilst still performing the best that world music has to offer, then look no further. Taking place on a stunning bay with views of Mount Olympus and the Aagean sea, the Sani Festival combines Jazz, world music, Greek music and Verdi, all performed on a glorious Greek evening throughout July and August.

The beautiful resort of Sani, located in the Halkidiki peninsula of Greece, hosts the festival year on year. Originally started in 1993, it was a way of building a bridge between tourism and the arts and still has a mission of bringing locals together with visitors in a cultural encounter

Kalamata Dance Festival

Kalamata Dance Festival

The highly-anticipated Kalamata Dance Festival showcases dance in a way you’ve never seen it before. The festival producers  consider themselves on a mission of showcasing work dedicated to the poetry of the human body, hosting creators who are writing the history of contemporary dance through research, education and artistic expression. It also has the full support of Greece’s Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The city of Kalamata has been this dance festival’s gracious host since 1995, and has been synonymous with the flourishing of contemporary dance in Greece. Performances also take place in Kalamata’s main square, blurring the line separating art from everyday life – a once-in-a-lifetime performance which will definitely be one to remember!


Best Places to Visit in Greece in July


The vibrant capital city of Greece and home to a historical goldmine, Athens feels like a world in itself bursting with culture, beauty and character.

If you’re a traveller who likes to take a break from relaxation, the archaeological ruins of the Acropolis are a must-see. Explore the World Heritage registered sites including the Parthenon, Hadrian’s Library and the Temple of Athena Nike. The  Acropolis Museum is another great stopping point for those history lovers, along with the Benaki Museum and Museum of Cycladic Art

To get a taste for what life in Athens is like, take a stroll through the Monastiraki or Psyrri. Located in the heart of the capital, Monastiraki is one of the oldest and most historic neighbourhoods there is to visit. ​​Standing in the middle of the square, you can see a blend of historical eras, architecture and cultures, with many roads leading to different backstreets with plenty to explore. 

You may stumble across one of the food markets which will offer you a traditional Greek culinary experience. Treat your tastebuds to a Gyros, a mouth-watering dish synonymous with Greece. 

Zakynthos alleyway

Best Places to Visit in Greece in July


Milos is a stunning island settled into the southernmost part of the Cyclades. As if Aphrodite had summoned them herself, it has become a go-to-place for Greek honeymooners who see the island as a place of romantic bliss to escape to, and it’s no surprise why. 

The volcanic origin of Milos island gives it a unique geology which has gifted Milos with a wealth of beautiful beaches, including the Sarakiniko Beach. This spot is a breath-taking natural sight made up of surreal white landscapes, which from afar hold resemblance to that of smooth sand dunes. The combination of white rock and turquoise waters have created a lunar landscape that is a rare and beautiful spectacle.

There are plenty of other beautiful beaches to visit alongside Sarakiniko, such as Papafragas Beach or Gerakas Beach, all of them as uniquely beautiful as the other. 

Hydra in coastline

Best Places to Visit in Greece in July


In the 1960s, Hydra was a gathering place for writers, poets and artists, drawn by its bohemian atmosphere and beautiful scenery. A Saronic island which is located 2 hours from Athens and only reachable by boat, it has an unmistakable rustic charm which stretches across the full 10 miles of the magical island.

Stepping onto Hydra is like entering a time machine; the main method of transportation are mules, there are over 300 churches with bells that ring all day long, and colourful roofed buildings that climb the hills. The strict architecture codes in place have allowed it to stay like a time capsule preserving the past.

The heart of Hydra is its harbour, where there are plenty of boutiques, cafes and restaurants with their tables spilling onto the pavement.  As a popular destination for day trips, you can take a seat in one of the little cafes dotted around, sip on the greek coffee and watch the boats roll in. You can see anything from fisherman to water taxis to multi-million pound superyachts.

Zakynthos coastline

The Best Things to do In Greece

Rent a Boat in Zakynthos  

The north of Zakynthos offers an abundance of boat and cruise services which is a perfect day activity if you’re looking to hop across the coast and experience as many beautiful beaches as possible. Some charter services will include drinks, BBQs and trained water sports professionals on board if you’re wanting to make a full day out of exploring, swimming and relaxing.

One destination that is really worth its salt is the Shipwreck Beach, formally known as the Navagio beach.

Come aboard and channel your inner pirate when you lounge on the beach, famous for the wreckage that washed onto shore in 1980. The pearl white sand and electric blue tones in the water, caused by the – harmless but sulphurous – caves surrounding the cove, make this beach one of Zante’s most pictured paradises. 

Paros beach

The Best Things to do In Greece

Visit Paros for a Watersports Dream  

Visit the island crowned the water sports paradise and battle like Poseidon against your friends and family. You can take part in any kind of activity you like, whether it’s skimming the waves on a jet ski,  being pulled along on a fun-filled inflatable banana, or taking in the tranquil scenery on a paddleboard, there is something for everyone. 

Nestled into the eastern coast of Paros is Chissi Akti, an 800m stretch of the golden sand beach with winds from the north making it the perfect destination for water sports. Next door, you will also find Paros Diving Centre, a highly rated diving experience which is capable of accommodating novices and experts alike. As beautiful as it is fun, this is the perfect playground for both adults and children

Delphi ruins in the summer

The Best Things to do In Greece

Tour the UNESCO Delphi Site 

For the Greek mythology lovers and adventure seekers, touring Athens is an unmissable attraction. Located nearly 180 km away from Athens, this UNESCO heritage site is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece.

It sits on the slopes of Mount Parnassos in an impressive landscape, with strong roots set in Greek mythology. Centuries ago it was the cultural and religious centre in Greece, home to the most famous Oracle of the ancient Greek world. 

Amongst the site you can find some breath-taking monuments. Marvel at the Temple of Apollo, stroll down The Sacred Way, or take a seat in the Ancient Theatre of Delphi and let your imagination put on a show. There is no better way to immerse yourself in Greek culture than a visit to this historic site.

Elafonisi Beach, Crete

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Greece is the sun holiday of dreams, rich in culture with breath-taking beaches and stunning, unique architecture at every corner. Whether you fancy the spectacular shorelines of Milos, or the enchanting ruins of Athens, you will be greeted with the same warm hospitality and experience an unforgettable Greek retreat. 

Does Greece in July sound like your idea of paradise? Here at Unforgettable Greece, our team is readily available to help kickstart your love affair with Greece. Why not contact us now and find out how we can curate your dream summer?

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