The ancient town of Delphi, tucked along the slopes of Mount Parnassus, is the seat of the oracle of Apollo and the most important Greek temple, providing an idyllic blend of spectacular natural beauty and ancient ruins. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most important archaeological sites in all of Greece, it was revered by ancient Greeks as the center of the Earth. Today, many significant ruins and structures can be viewed, from the Athenian Treasury and the Temple of Apollo, and a hippodrome and theater that once hosted ancient Pythian Games.

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Delphi At A Glance


Population of Delphi 2,500

What to See in Delphi 
Visit the Sanctuary of Apollo, Sanctuary of Athena Pronia, enjoy the view from the Theater of Delphi & Explore Delphi Archeological Museum

Towns or islands to visit near Delphi  – 120 km from the capital Athens, Explore the mountain of Parnassos

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Things to do in Delphi

Visit the Sanctuary of Apollo

Located at the heart of the oracle of Delphi, the Sacred Way leads to the Temple of Apollo, winding from the main entrance. In ancient times it was lined with statues and treasuries given by various city-states like Marathon, Athens, Thiva and Sparta to provide thanks to Apollo as well as to show off their power and wealth.The existing ruins here belong to the latest phase of building which succeeded older ones made from beeswax, copper, stone and feathers or sometimes even laurel leaves. Sayings of the Seven Sages were inscribed on the walls, like “Know thyself.”

See the Sanctuary of Athena Pronea

The 4th-century BC rotunda is one of the country’s most photographed spots, a place where pilgrims typically started their visit before moving on to the temple, but it was not the place where the priestess of Apollo was located as so many believe. It’s an elegant circular structure made up of 20 columns set atop a three-stepped podium, with portions of it in the original marble.

View from the Delphi Theater

Take in the View from the Theater of Delphi

Just up the hill from the Temple of Apollo is the Theater of Delphi which provided audiences with an incredible view of the entire sanctuary and valley below. Built in the 4th-century BC, it has 35 rows that could accommodate some 5,000 spectators who in ancient times enjoyed music events, poetry readings and plays here during festivals. It was primarily used for musical competitions that were part of the Pythian Games. Follow the tier to the west and ascend to the highest level where you’ll be in what’s know as the best surviving stadium of antiquity in the entire country.

Symbol of Athenian Democracy

Witness the Symbol of Athenian Democracy

As one ascends the Sacred Way, making the first turn, a small temple-like doric building appears. The Treasury of Athens was constructed by the city-state of Athens for housing votive offerings and dedications of the State to the sanctuary of Apollo. Considered a symbol of Athenian Democracy after the fall of tyranny as one of the first public buildings sponsored by the city, it was said by Pausanias to be an offering for the victory of the late 5th-century battle of Salamis and is made out of Parian marble. On the walls are inscriptions of offerings.

Delphi Archaeological Museum

Explore the Delphi Archaeological Museum

With civilization here dating all the way back to the 8th-century BC, ancient Delphi has amassed a treasure trove of artifacts, much of which can be found in this museum that hosts the most impressive finds on the site. It’s considered one of Greece’s most important museums, and it also holds some of the most extraordinary pieces of ancient Greek art. Explore objects that range from prehistoric to the late Byzantine period, including highlights like the statues of Artemis and Apollo and the Treasury of the Siphnians.

Trips to Delphi

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