What to See and Do in Zagorochoria

Zagorochoria is a complex of 46 small mountainous villages in the north east part of the mainland of Greece. Each one of these villages is of unique natural beauty, history and architecture. Each one follows the local customs and traditions offering amazing culture experiences as well as activities in nature and for sure one of the best local cuisines in Greece.

We created a list of what to see and do in Zagorochoria as t is certainly one of our favourite all year round destinations in Greece.

Xenofon Kountouris is the owner of a lovely boutique hotel in the area. We asked him to guide us through the things that are best to see and experience in this magnificent area of the country and here is what we suggest to you next time you decide to discover an unspoiled destination of Greece that is full of everyday wonders.


An all year round destination

Enjoying nature in Zagorochoria
What to see and do in Zagorochoria

What are your favourite experiences that a visitor can enjoy in your area?

Zagori is full of amazing things to do and experience. Depending on the season, you can go hiking, rafting, kayaking, canoeing, truffle hunting, river trekking, canyoning, snow shoeing, fly fishing, rock climbing, and much more. Depending of our guests’ needs at the time, we strongly suggest the Vikos gorge crossing, the Voidomatis river rafting or the stone bridges hiking and the truffle hunting.


As it is an all year around destination, what are the things a traveller enjoys the most each season?

 Zagori is a real four-season region. Each season is different from the other as the colours of the nature and the surrounding environment chance accordingly. My favourite months are May and October because of the mild weather and the awesome nature. In Spring nature is at its best and autumn is also full of colours everywhere around you.



Why Zagorochoria are so unique

Apeiros Chora Zagorochoria
Apeiros Chora Zagorochoria

What are the 3 best spots to enjoy an amazing sunset or a sunrise in the area?

For  sunset, I would recommend Papingo, Kapesovo and Elaphotopos villages. For the sunrise, the Kato Pedina village plains, with the morning mist, is a must.


Give us some of the most wonderful or unique things a visitor can enjoy at your hotel?

Our guests get the feel of an old-fashioned home with its slow living virtues, alongside original objects and antique furniture, superbly combined with elegant interior style and all modern comforts. We pay great attention to detail. Our breakfast, for example, is made of fresh and locally produced ingredients, as well as our home made jams are surely one of the top things a guest can try. And in general, I would say the total experience of stay as it is a historic building of the area that was built in the late -16th century.  Additional spaces were built in the next hundred years. The house’s second square shape present today, has taken form through extensive renovation works completed on September 20, 1861.


What to eat and what not to miss in Zagorochoria

Kato Pedina Village Zagorochoria
Apeiros Chora Hotel Zagorochoria

What are your favourite traditional specialities, delis, and local tastes that you can’t find anywhere else?


Zagori pies, and the alevropita, are our favourites. In addition, “vouzada” drink and the homemade jams that we make at our hotel. Also, the local wine variety, called Debina, is a special treat that you cannot find elsewhere in the world, and we recommend it to first time visitors.

In general, Greece offers amazing experiences for food lovers, and Zagorochoria is an exceptional choice for those who are looking for authentic tastes and unique gastronomy.


What are the things most people do not know about Zagorochoria?


It is an unspoiled area of 1000 square kilometers up in the Epirus and Pindos Mountains consisting of a network of 46 homogeneous villages with unique characteristics and especially important regional history. The Zagori villages, often called “Zagorochoria”, mean “the place beyond the mountains”. For centuries, the region constituted a separate residential, historical, and cultural charter, fully protected by the various governments overseeing it. Authentic Greek traditions thrived here.


As a result, you will find Zagori-based customs and culinary products so distinctive to these villages that do not appear anywhere else in the country. Alongside its welcoming people, Zagori is blessed with tremendous natural diversity and beauty. “Vikos” Gorge, which is the deepest gorge in the world and a UNESCO geopark together with “Voidomatis” River, are the crown jewels of our region, and core offerings to Greece’s largest National Park of Northern Pindos, in which Zagori is fully integrated. The lush greenery, the rare species of animals and birds, the crystal clear waters of the river and the distinct architecture of stone, slate roofs and wood that characterizes the region, come together to form the hidden gem called Zagori, perhaps one of the most picturesque destinations in all of Greece.


Xenofon Kontouris is the owner of Apeiros Chora Guesthouse, a genuine Zagori mansion graciously restored from his family that  owns it for centuries.

Apeiros Chora is located in Zagorochoria at the village of Kato Pedina.


Let our Unforgettable travel experts design your perfect bespoke trip in Zagorochoria with tailor made activities and experiences to suits your needs.



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