Greece in August

Greece in August

August in Greece is at the peak of the summer season. The weather adopts a glorious hot and dry climate all month long, there is an abundance of exciting activities for every type of traveller to enjoy, and the Greek hospitality will make you feel like you never want to leave.

Greece strikes the perfect balance of the past and the present, curating itself into a charming European hotspot. Within this Mediterranean haven lies a deep foundation of fascinating culture and history, all documented through a plethora of markets, museums and monuments for you to enjoy. 

If you’re planning on travelling to Greece in August, allow our team at Unforgettable Greece to begin your seamless transition into paradise and start your love affair with Greece.

Corfu beach pictured from inside a cove

Greece Weather in August

The weather in Greece in August is nothing short of blissful. You can’t hide from the beaming Mediterranean sun; it rises at roughly 6.30 in the morning and doesn’t set until 8.30 at night, maintaining hot, balmy temperatures all day long. 

Southern islands such as Crete, Rhodes and Mykonos can sometimes see temperatures soar high above 30°C. If you’re not cut out for the scorching heat, you may want to consider staying somewhere further North such as the Ionian islands including Corfu and Thassos, where temperatures settle at a slightly more comfortable average of 28°C. 

The coastal regions and islands benefit from refreshing sea breezes, so if the heat is becoming too hot to handle, you can escape to the beach. Even the most climatised need a dip in the sea to cool off from the Greek summer months. The crystalline waters along the Aegean coastline will invite you in to a very pleasant 25°C temperature; perfect paddling waters and ideal for those wanting to take a dive in the watersports scene. 

Athens landscape

Festivals and Events in Greece in August

Olympus Festival 

Beginning in 1972, the Olympus Festival has been transformed through time into a contemporary cultural institution. The festival’s programme showcases unforgettable shows from distinguished Greek and international artists, performing a mixture of ancient and modern theatre, dance, music and visual arts.  

Originally hosted in Pieria in the Central Macedonia region throughout July and August, the festival now changes its location to an exciting, different venue year on year. All venues are rich in historical and cultural value; previous hosts have included the Platamon castle, Ancient Livithra and the church of Panagia Kontariotissas.  

Since 2010, the festival has established the Institution of the Honoured Country and has collaborated with other great cultural centres such as the Louvre Museum and the Salvador Dali Foundation. For an insight into the foundations of Greek culture and for a night to remember, be sure to get tickets to this special event in Greece in August. 

Cycladic Greek street

Festivals and Events in Greece in August

The Greek Wedding Show 

If traditional theatre or the cinema is a bit too ordinary for your idea of an entertainment night in Santorini, you should head to The Greek Wedding Show to enjoy a night of the most unconventional but fabulously fun Greek entertainment. 

Expect a skillful combination of theatre, comedy, music and typical Greek dances running along the theme of a traditional wedding at this popular open-air show. 

Afterwards, you will be invited to the wedding banquet where you can indulge in a mouth-watering arrangement of Greek mezze accompanied perfectly with Santorini wines. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Greek wedding without the tradition of breaking the plates! 

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the best that Greek entertainment has to offer, you can’t miss your chance to get tickets to the show. Ensure you put aside 3 hours in your evening to enjoy the full experience. 

capital of Corfu coastline

Best Places to Visit in Greece in August


Corfu is undoubtedly the most cosmopolitan destination of the Ionian Islands group. Contrary to the rest of Greece, it was never subject to the Ottoman Empire rule, meaning influences from the French, Venetians and English can be seen built into the unique pastel-coloured architecture of the town. 

Corfu Old Town sits on a small peninsular halfway down the east coast of the island. In 2007, it was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stroll down the Liston Promenade, discover the Spianada Square, and explore the narrow cobblestone alleys to uncover the nostalgic charm paved into the city’s foundations. 

Corfu seems to have struck the perfect balance of history and allure. The plethora of trendy ‘it’ places sit beside older restaurants that have been in families for generations, creating a combination of charming old and desirable new.  

Moving away from the city, there are myriad seaside towns and beaches only a boat ride or car journey away that offer a change of pace and scenery. Check out the scenic Blue Flag Barbati beach tucked into the foot of Mount PankoKrator on the east coast, or the Kontokali beach close to Corfu town with a long stretch of golden sand with sunbeds and umbrellas, perfect for families. 

Crete beach from inside a cave

Best Places to Visit in Greece in August


Located on the southern side of the islands, Crete is the largest, and one of the most popular Greek islands there is. Encompassed by unique mountainous topography, the island sits amongst a landscape of white mountains,  glittering beaches and ancient treasures, weaved in between with dreamy villages and vibrant cities. 

As well as being one of the prettiest towns in Crete, Chania is an excellent starting point for your Greek getaway. Sat on the North-West side of Crete, its location makes it a great base for visiting some famous attractions as day-trips, and there is an international airport you can fly straight into. 

Embark on a charming stroll in the town along the Old Venetian Port, and admire the lighthouse of Chania at the mouth of the port. Originally built by the Venetians in the 16th century, it is one of the more emblematic monuments the town has to offer. 

Take a day-trip to Elafonisi beach, which famously sits on a bed of velvet-soft pink sand. Big rocks decorate the beach whilst the shallow turquoise waters lap onto shore, creating a delightful colour  palette and natural beauty like no other! Get there early in the morning to secure your spot and an instagram-worthy picture! 


Best Places to Visit in Greece in August


The island synonymous with Greece to most travellers, Santorini is a breathtakingly beautiful Cyclade island adorned with the famous white-washed and blue-domed houses. It is incredibly popular, so you will pay a higher-than-average price for visiting – but for good reason!

Your first stop in this romantic haven should be the island’s capital – Fira. As Santorini’s poster town, it is the perfect Cycladic destination with real picture-perfect scenery. Wander through the charming narrow alleys, shop in the chic boutiques and lounge for a day at the luxury hotels with overflowing infinity pools. 

Set yourself a challenge for the morning and make your way down (and back up) the 587 steps to the small port of Fira Skala. If the Greek sunshine proves too much of an obstacle in the climb back to the top, you can take Santorini’s cable car for less than €10 and admire the island in a more comfortable environment.  

Oia, Fira’s sister town, is renowned for having the best seats to Santorini’s most famous show. Get to the Byzantine Castle early to secure your spot, and witness the glorious orange sun descent into the depths of the sea. If you’re wanting a more romantic, intimate setting, you could book a table in one of the many bars and restaurants dotted around the town. 

The Best Things to do In Greece in August

Climb Mount Olympus

Once regarded as home to the 12 Olympian gods, Mount Olympus is not only rich in its history, but also has the most unbelievable views of Athens. It resides between the provinces of Pieria and Larissa. 

There are varying levels of difficulty to trekking Mount Olympus. If you’re an experienced climber, hiking to the summits of Mount Olympus shouldn’t be too difficult, although the journey definitely shouldn’t be underestimated. Make sure you come prepared with a map and appropriate reinforcements to avoid your mountain climb becoming a mountain rescue.

An easier way for those of us who lack experience in mountaineering, but still want to take a shot at it, is to go with a guide or at least book a consultation beforehand. Olympus paths, based in the nearby town of Pieria, is a great place to check out for guided treks accommodating all abilities. They will help you best prepare in regards to what equipment and clothing you should bring. 

One for the adventurers, this is a fun challenge for your holiday in Greece in August.  

The Best Things to do In Greece In August

Explore Melissani Cave

Easily one of the most spectacular sites in Kefalonia, the Melissani lake sits inside a fully-developed lacustrine cave which is 136 metres long and 36 metres high, and is considered to be a geological phenomenon. 

The beauty of Melissani is profound. A few thousand years ago an earthquake caused part of the cave’s roof to collapse, creating a large opening lined with dense green forestry. As soon as the sun rises, rays fall through the hole and highlight the glistening azure lake lying below. It really is one of nature’s most beautiful spectacles which should be a high priority on your holiday to Greece in August. 

In 1963, an underground tunnel was created to give visitors a safe means of accessing the lake. Guides sit in row boats at the tunnel’s entrance to welcome visitors and take them on a journey of exploration. During the tour you can admire the beautiful scenery, before being taken over the lake into the closed part of the cave where stalactites and bizarre-shaped flowstones decorate the walls. 

This is an incredible natural site which should definitely be on your itinerary… just watch out for the eels in the lake! 

Mykonos sunset

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Visiting Greece in August is a guaranteed holiday of blissful sunshine, picturesque scenery, delicious  cuisine and interesting cultural activities. Greece truly epitomises what it means to appeal to all types of travellers. Whether you’re wanting a sunny oasis to escape to, or an adventure-filled holiday, or if you’re travelling solo or with a family, this Mediterranean haven can accommodate all desires. 


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