Once described by Forbes magazine as the “most idyllic place to live in all of Europe,” visit Patmos and you may never want to leave. It may best be known as a sacred island that inspired St. John to write the Book of Revelations, the closing pages of the New Testament, but it also offers an unforgettable retreat for nature lovers. The island is dotted with picturesque beaches, inlets, and bays, complete with crystal-clear blue waters for swimming.

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Patmos At A Glance

Population of Patmos

What to See in Patmos 
Visit the Cave of Apocalypse, Monastery of St John, enjoy the many secluded beaches, enjoy the narrow alleyways of medieval Chora

Towns or islands to visit near Patmos  Samos, Leros, Leipsoi, Kalimnos

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Things to do in Patmos

Visit the Cave of Apocalypse.

Visiting this UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the island’s most important cultural attractions, is a must for anyone religious or otherwise. This is the place St. John is believed to have received his vision, and English-speaking tour guides take visitors into the church, built around the southern part of the cave to explain the story.

Tour the Monastery of St. John

The over 1,000-year-old Monastery of St. John crowns the top of the hill of Chora, the most impressive visible sight on the island. It includes a museum that showcases ancient treasures and texts as well as a magnificent Byzantine church


Go to the Beach

There are many beaches worth visiting on Patmos. Petra beach, also known as the stone of Kallikatsou, is believed to have been an open-air sanctuary dedicated to the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. It’s a spectacular beach for experiencing the island’s mystical energy. Agrio Livadi beach may be the best for swimming with its gorgeous aquamarine-hued waters and sands that are dotted with loungers and umbrellas. Diakofti beach is ideal for enjoying a more tranquil beach experience as one of the most secluded beaches on Patmos and it also offers a stunning view, surrounded by rugged mountains

Patmos Chora

Wander Through the Alleys of Medieval Chora

Built on top of a hill to defend the island from pirate attacks in the 11th century, the Chora, the main town of Patmos, is a UN World Heritage Site and an architectural treasure with traditional whitewashed homes, impressive mansions, medieval churches and narrow, winding alleyways that are fun to get lost in. Watch for Sophouliou mansion which dates to 1522, one of the oldest buildings standing on Patmos today.

Our Favorite Restaurants & Bars

Greece food tour


This stylish family-run gastro bar/restaurant is an ideal alternative to the usual taverna fare, offering upscale, innovative cuisine that’s popular among foodies, enjoyed in an elegant atmosphere in the port of Skata. Look forward to a cozy, relaxing atmosphere in a leafy garden away from the crowds, along with dishes you’re unlikely to find anywhere on the island, like salmon tartar burger, chicken salad and squid ink pasta. Late at night, it becomes a bar hotspot, regularly hosting live events.

Tzivaeri Taverna

Tzivaeri Taverna

One of Patmos Island’s most highly rated eateries, popular with locals and visitors alike, Tzivaeri Taverna is family run, with Yiannis and staff providing exceptional service while Mama does most of the traditional Greek cooking. Look forward to dining on local specialties using only the freshest ingredients – while you can’t go wrong with any dish here, the moussaka and Symi shrimp are favorites, and the stuffed calamari almost always sells out before the night is over. All are enjoyed with music as well as a picturesque view of the harbor and the Aegean beyond.

Apocalypsis restaurant


Set in Grikos Bay, Apocalypsis offers fine dining on the beach under the stars, with several tables located right by the sea. Enjoy impeccable service and fresh ingredients incorporated into creative Greek dishes that includes flavorful combinations of Japanese and Mediterranean. You might try the grilled octopus with yuzu marmalade or perhaps the signature black cod with smoked eggplant puree. It opens just in time to take advantage of the gorgeous sunsets, allowing guests to savor every bite while gazing out at the myriad of colors in the sky, while live piano creates an extra magical atmosphere.

Lampi Taverna

Lampi Taverna

Located on a somewhat remote beach framed by an enticing bay that calls for a swim, the Gambierakis family has been serving delicious cuisine at Lampi Taverna for nearly a half-century. Expect authentic Greek homestyle cooking, with a menu offering an extensive selection of fish and meat dishes, while staff provides exceptionally friendly yet unobtrusive service. The saganaki flambe, “flaming Greek cheese,” is considered a must try, and the fresh fried squid is also a favorite, all enjoyed while listening to the sounds of the waves, with tables right on the pebble beach as well as the veranda.



Votris can be found on the yacht marina in Skala, serving well-proved Greek cuisine with eastern notes, prepared to perfection. Everything is made with fresh local ingredients with traditional dishes and a good selection of vegetarian options, including salads, humus and grilled veggies. Fresh-caught fish is on the menu every day, along with items like lobster pasta, steak stuffed with herbs and cheese, and octopus with fava and crimson. There is a good choice of wines, and after your meal is finished, you’ll be served a caramel panacotta with a house-made aperitif.

Preferred Hotel in Patmos

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