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Wellness Tours in Greece

If you’re not the type of traveler who wants to lie on the beach all day sipping cocktails, consider a wellness tour of Greece. The ideal destination to start or keep up your healthy habits, while there are plenty of delicious wines to imbibe in and soft sands to lounge on, there are also countless opportunities for outdoor adventures and restaurants that serve delicious, nutritious Greek cuisine. After all, the Mediterranean diet is renowned as being one of the healthiest to follow, and you’ll be in the heart of the place where much of it is produced, from olive oil to delectable seafood. Your Greece wellness trip can include many walking tours, through the legendary streets of Athens to Santorini, Mystras, and tranquil, car-free Hydra. Just some of the other activities possible are hiking and biking, sea kayaking, canoeing and rock climbing- of course swimming, snorkeling, or diving is must in those stunning crystal-clear aquamarine waters. You can even join a yoga and sailing trip in Rhodes, practicing while surrounded by jaw-dropping scenery the Greek isles are so famous for. Want to learn how to cook some of that mouthwatering healthy food you’re enjoying? Cooking classes are available in Messenia so you can re-create those meals back home.

  • Greece Sun & Sea Therapy 8 Day Wellness Trip

    Athens - Naxos (by sea) - Crete (by sea) - Athens (by air)

    7 DAYS
    From $2,695PP
    Enjoy some sun and sea therapy on this 8 day wellness adventure that brings plenty of opportunities to improve your well-being while exploring Greece. Do some island-hopping with visits to Naxos and Crete and enjoy exploring the ancient sights of Athens’ Acropolis.
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  • 10 Day Greece Relaxed Island Experience

    Athens - Mykonos - Santorini - Athens

    9 DAYS
    From $3,895PP
    The ideal way to enjoy 10 days relaxing days visiting of some of the best Greece has to offer, enjoy a variety of wine, wellness, sailing, ancient site experiences and more as you travel from Athens to Mykonos and Santorini.
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  • 12 Day Island and History Wellness Experience

    Athens - Crete (by air) - Santorini (by sea) - Athens (by air)- Mystras (private car journey) - Athens

    11 DAYS
    From $4,495PP
    For those who’d prefer to be more active and enjoy stress-relieving activities while also diving into fascinating ancient history, this 12 day wellness adventure is ideal. You’ll explore Athens, Crete and Santorini, in addition to indulging in two full days at a stress-melting wellness retreat.
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