Exceeds expectations in all ways

This trip went beyond meeting expectations, it exceeded them. In all ways. Customer delight, as opposed to customer satisfaction.
The meals were all delicious, especially the desserts. They made a special birthday cake for my son-in-law, and sang him happy birthday. Darko even had a gift for him!
The cruise director, Darko, was truly amazing…He was so observant of all people, and multiple times stepped in to lend a hand. One evening, when we had been cancelled out of the Blue Cave tour, due to bad weather, he arranged an absolutely hilarious evening playing Name That Tune. It effectively improved our moods!
The tours were lovely, well-managed, and always right on time. The countryside was truly amazing, I would return in a heartbeat.
A favorite activity of mine was the swims off the stern. There was equipment available, as well as crew to keep an eye on some of the more adventurous of us.
I really enjoyed the snorkeling as well as the paddleboard. Just wish the weather had cooperated more, as due to rain and winds, we only got in two swims.
This trip was well-planned, and well-executed, kudos to everyone!