A truely Unforgettable Greece trip!

Our trip to Greece was amazing. We really feel that we were able to see so much of the country. The land touring gave us so much more time to spend at the locations, and we were able to see so much more than we did on the cruise. I’m glad we added more days to our land trip.

The Electra Metropolis Hotel in Athens was a great location, very convenient.

Monemvasia was a great addition to the trip, loved staying in the old city; Apollo walked us up to the top of the hill/mountain for a great view. The lunch in the remote seaside town was perfect, great suggestion. Loved being where hardly any tourists go, sitting at a small cafe eating by the fishing boats.

Hotel Europa in Olympia was a very nice hotel, wish we could have gotten there a little earlier to enjoy the amenities. But had a great dinner outside. Great food and service. And just today we saw on the news the lighting of the Olympic torch for China, and we knew exactly where it was and all about the ceremony!

The small town where we stayed for Delphi was charming, and Vasalias, our driver, took us up to another town close to a ski area (can’t remember the name), but a nice treat.

The Spanakopita cooking lesson was such a treat! We had such fun and the woman is extremely nice. I thought we were going to make a small, individual sandwich, but we made a pan for 20! Pressed for time, we had lunch at a great restaurant by the water in Galaxidi while our creation baked.

Meteora was amazing! We were able to go up to the top for sunset. Couldn’t believe all the people who are there just walking around the top of the cliffs and right on the edge! One wedding couple in dress, staging a photo right on the edge, made me too nervous!

Then one of the most magical moments. We had lunch at a restaurant Vasalias recommended, and we found out there would be a group of retired soccer players from Athens coming for dinner that night, and the restaurant would have some live music. We were having dinner, and about 20 gentlemen, dressed in white, started approaching the restaurant. After dinner, and a few drinks, they started getting up and dancing! One after another, all spontaneous, and it got better and better! By the end of the night, they were buying us drinks, we were buying the musicians drinks…..then they got Charles up there to dance! You couldn’t have planned a better night!!!

Heraklion was a good choice for us since the cruise ship was stopping in Chania. I didn’t read the type of room we had, so it was a surprise when I saw we had the big suite. We’d walk up to the desk, and they would say “we know who you are and your room…” It will be most memorable….because….we experienced our first 5.3 earthquake to the top floor of the hotel in our room. Really scary!!! We felt two tremors later on in the day.

Santorini – thanks for suggesting Oai and the Andronis hotel. It’s location is one of the first hotels from where the shuttle drops people off. Fortunately, they’ve hired “Hercules” on staff who met us and carried our luggage from the uneven walk and down the many narrow steps to our room. The service was great, room was a unique design, we had a fabulous patio with a small table, two lounge chairs, and a hot tub. Being on the move for a while, we camped on our balcony for two days. They also had a pool which was warmer than the other ones we had come across, so we were able to enjoy it. We did do our walk about, and enjoyed seeing all the girls staging photos with professional photographers and beautiful red flowing gowns.

We feel we were very fortunate with our driver and tour guide. Apollo was extremely knowledgeable and shared information about locations, pointing out items in museums, Greek mythology. Vasalias was fun and picked great locations for dining. We’d have lunch and dinners together (our choice), and we’d order different dishes to share. They both represented Unforgettable Greece very well.

It really was an Unforgettable Greece trip, thank you for all the planning.