On behalf of Caleb and I, I think I speak for us both when I say a few sentences just wouldn’t be enough to express the incredible experience we had. As two young Americans traveling to a new and foreign country it can be nerve racking to make sure things all work out and nothing goes wrong while we are there. I can say that this trip was one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever had. From the guides, to hotels, to all of your help with having the itinerary perfectly explained out for us, we never had to worry about what was happening or having to wait on anyone to take us where we needed to be. I believe that was one of the most appreciated things was constantly having someone there guiding us around and making us feel comfortable with where we are and what’s going on around us.

I would also like to add that with having that small packet of notes, tickets, and itinerary all printed out for us right when we got to our first hotel completely removed any nervousness I had about the whole trip. Especially appreciated the phone calls that were made to make sure we were okay and taken care of when it came to the catamarans and that one time of mistaking the time for an adventure… oops. Knowing that you guys were right there along side us made the trip that much easier to just sit back , relax, and enjoy.

All of your staff and recommendations you made in each city we were in were absolutely amazing! So kind, sweet, and helpful and that is something that is so appreciated and refreshing to see. Caleb and I will definitely be coming back to Croatia just merely from the experience we had and I have already told SO many people about the amazing experience we had going through you guys as our travel agents. Very very well done and I couldn’t be more pleased or happy about choosing you guys.

Thank you again for everything you did for us. I can’t put into words the incredible work you guys do.