Perian Johnson, Senior Greece Trip Designer

Growing up on the Gulf Coast of Florida and then eventually moving to Toronto meant that I inevitably began to look for ways to escape the cold Canadian winters, so naturally my love of travel stemmed from setting off to anywhere with sunshine and a beach. Europe has always been a prominent influence in my life with both of my parents keeping their rooted traditions and culture alive in our family. Fast forward to many years later and I’m now living in Italy where I spend virtually all my free time exploring my surroundings whether that be hiking the Dolomites or taking a short flight over the Adriatic to Croatia or Greece, I’m always thinking of where to go next.

My never-ending passion for experiencing the local culture, cuisine, and capturing the beauty of each new landscape is what keeps me adding new countries to my ongoing list.

My Favorite Greek Island

Santorini could never get old for me. The authentic Cycladic styling, the dramatic cliffside hotels perched over the Aegean Sea, blue-domed roofs, and of course the sun setting over the incredible caldera. One thing that makes Santorini especially unique is its geology – with it once being a volcano, you will find an array of incredible terrains from black to red sand beaches. Once I experienced the island for myself, it was no longer a surprise to me why Santorini tops most bucket lists.

  • Grand Bretagne in Athens

    My Favorite Greek Hotel

    I love the Grand Bretagne in Athens. Situated right in the heart of the city in Syntagma square. The hotel itself dates to 1872 and has so much incredible history and even housed the Prime Minister of Greece during the Greek Civil War. Since then, it’s attracted a number of legendary figures – including members of royal families, actors, musicians, and celebrities. When you step inside the hotel you are met by refined opulence and unmatched service.

  • Tzatziki

    My Favorite Greek Food

    My favourite Greek food would have to be Tzatziki, a definite essential in the Greek cuisine. I love it so much that I always make it from scratch at home and I count on an original recipe from a cooking class I experienced in a small local village in Santorini.

  • Avli Tou Thodori

    My Favorite Greek Restaurant

    A trip to Mykonos would not be complete without setting foot on Platys Gialos Beach, one of the most beautiful and popular beaches on the island. Once you’re there I’d recommend dining seaside at Avli Tou Thodori – aside from the exceptional food, the atmosphere alone will have anyone swooning.

  • Knossos Palace

    My Favorite Travel Experience in Greece

    After spending the day with a private guide strolling through Knossos Palace in Crete, it was impossible for me to deny how remarkable a sight it is. One of Greece’s most cardinal civilizations during the bronze age were the Minoans, a highly evolved culture that left astonishing traces in several areas on the island of Crete. The Palace itself has been referred to as “Europe’s oldest city” with human civilization dating back to 7000 BC times and has been well preserved and even rebuilt over the years despite multiple disasters destroying much of the complex. Definitely worth a visit!

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