Luke Harvey, Head of Marketing

Growing up with adventurous parents, I was lucky enough to explore many destinations at a young age. This desire to travel and discover new places has continued into my adulthood. As a true foodie, most of my travel destinations have been decided by my tummy, and is one of the reasons why Greece has become a favorite due to its fresh and tasty cuisine.

One of my fondest Greek memories is taking my three young children to Kefalonia for their first time in 2018. The level of hospitality we received was second to none, and the highlight of the trip was sailing around Ithaki and jumping into the crystal-clear waters.

My Favorite Greek Island

With so many great islands to choose from the one that stands out for me is Sifnos. It is one of the lesser known Cyclade Islands, which helps to keep the vast crowds away but there is one key difference between Sifnos and the others. Upon arriving at Sifnos little port in Kamares you are still greeted by the wildly beautiful blue sea and whitewashed lines but also by the amazing aroma of sizzling calamari and oranges it’s enough to make your tummy rumble with excitement of what’s to come.

Sifnos is simply a food lovers paradise and has been dubbed by many ‘the most delicious Greek island.’ My most enjoyable moments on the island have been strolling along the boardwalk at Agia Marina diving into the crystal clear sea before munching on a delicious octopus bruschetta from a local taverna.

  • Verina Astra hotel

    My Favorite Greek Hotel

    “The elegant Verina Astra hotel in Sifnos has to be my favourite. Situated right on the side of a steep hill the hotel looks out across the endless blue of the Aegean which simply take your breath away. Also as the name suggest (Astra meaning stars) the night sky is full of stars just inviting you to sit relax and enjoy a few of your favourite cocktails.

    The decor of the hotel itself is also very stylish, with each of the rooms feeling more like private villas connect by beautiful gardens. Not to forget the main infinity pool which seems to blend in with the outstretching Aegean sea. “

  • Greek Salad

    My Favorite Greek Food

    “Very difficult one as there are too many fantastic dishes to choose. Greek food doesn’t always get enough credit, for me it’s right up there with likes of Italian and Spanish cuisines and in some beats them hands down.

    But if pushed to give a dish, I am going to say the humble Greek salad. Everyone thinks it’s an easy dish to replicate at home, but there is something distinctly better about a Greek salad when eating it on a Greek Island.”

  • La Maison, Santorini

    My Favorite Greek Restaurant

    “La Maison on Santorini is purely a must, as is pre-booking a table. When I visited La Maison with my wife we were lucky enough to sit at a table facing the sea at sunset, which was truly breathtaking. The restaurant is perfectly located to take in and photo some the best views of Santorini.

    Not to forget the food, we had a tasting menu and we loved every single dish, the taste and the presentation of all the food, every detail was on point. Even the staff were brilliant explaining each dish and pairing the right wine to go with it. “

  • Parthenon

    My Favorite Travel Experience in Greece

    I know it’s a bit obvious but touring the Acropolis in Athens still sticks in my head. The location, sheer size and how it dominates Athens skyline just adds to the grandeur of the site. Plus the fact that you don’t have to be a history buff to marvel at the Doric columns and spectacular temples made from glittering marble. For me in particular the highlight has to be the Parthenon temple.

Luke's Recommended Trips