Heather Witten, Galileo

Heather Witten, CRM Manager

Where are you from originally and what got you into travel?
I am from Jersey in the Channel Islands. Living on a tiny island meant going anywhere by plane was the norm. My dad travelled a lot for work, and often took me along when I was young. We’d flown round the world together by the time I was 11.

Favourite childhood travel memory?
I loved the yearly visit to my grandparents’ in Portsmouth, NH. My cousins and I had a great time on whale-watching boat trips, making friends with alpacas and baby goats on our uncle’s farm, constructing dens in woods and eating ice cream cones bigger than our heads.

What is on your bucket list?
Can’t wait to get to Japan and Hawaii for our belated honeymoon this year. Plus I’m excited about short breaks to Europe becoming the norm again, namely Menorca, Corfu and Puglia.

How many countries have you travelled to so far?
Around 35.

Your most annoying travelling habit?
Power-walking through all airports to beat the queues.

What 5 things do you always travel with?
SPF moisturiser, PG tips, loads of adapters, Fruitella sweets, hopefully my passport.

My Favorite Greek Island

Monemvasia is amazing. It’s a tiny island connected to the mainland by a narrow manmade bridge. As you approach by sea, it looks like a big rock, but once you enter, you realise that the opposite side, facing the sea is a complete small city carved into the rock face; beautiful archways and alleyways, full of coffee shops, crafts and cocktail bars, all with stunning seaviews.

The deception was created as a tactical form of defence and is absolutely captivating.

We climbed to the top of a steep, winding path for more panoramic vistas.

  • Olympia

    My Favourite Travel Memory in Greece

    One of my favourite memories was visiting Olympia, the site of the original Games 3,000 years ago and where the Olympic Torch is still lit. It was incredible to hear about the history of the amateurs who came to compete, to see the columns with diameters of an adult casually lying around and to stand in the Olympic Stadium and imagine the roar of the crowd.
    We visited in April, it was around 18 Celsius / 64 Fahrenheit – an ideal temperature for exploring and Judas trees dusted the site with pink blossom.

  • Favorite Greek Food

    My Favorite Greek Food

    I’m a big fan of Greek cheese. My favourites are Manouri, similar to Feta but softer, and Galotiri made in Thessaly which is very soft and spreadable. Because it is intended to be eaten fresh, Galotiri doesn’t travel well, so is hardly known outside of Greece. Also I love feta or halloumi with honey and fried rosemary accompanied by a glass of crisp Assyrtiko.
    The Greeks also excel at French fries – which I was jokingly scolded for calling them! Theirs are Greek fries, the difference being theirs are thin-cut, skin-on and deep fried in local olive oil, giving a rich, nutty flavour and a more golden colour.

  • Cafe Avissinia, Athens

    My Favorite Greek Restaurant

    Cafe Avissinia was my first stop-off after arriving in Athens. Whilst there are countless stunning seafront tavernas in the islands that I was yet to explore, I think this quintessentially Athenian pitstop holds the most memories of excitement and holiday anticipation of what was to come. My Greek friend took me here through the antique stalls that Avissinias Square is known for. We sat outside in the sunshine, watching antique dealers haggle with tourists and drank a few too many ouzos for that time in the morning. (Photo credit: jaapmodder)

  • On the cruise

    My Favorite Travel Experience in Greece

    My sister and I had a great time on the small ship cruise we did of the Peloponnese aboard Galileo. It’s an unbeatable way to pack a lot of sights into one week – there’s no way we could have seen what we did if we were staying on land. As well as iconic sights like the Acropolis, Delphi and Olympia, we also visited lesser known seaside towns. Life onboard the ship was really fun with great food, friendly guests and staff who, in the classic Greek way, couldn’t do enough for us.

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