Most Desirable Islands For Honeymooning


Your honeymoon is one of the most exciting holidays you’ll take in your lifetime, and island destinations are one of the most popular choices for this big experience.

Whether you’re looking for a classic tropical getaway or visit a remote part of the world, we decided to find out which islands are the most desired by couples planning a honeymoon.

We analysed the islands that couples are searching for the most and combined this with the number of people that actually have visited, finding out which actually are the most lusted after. 

As well as looking at the most popular islands for honeymoon worldwide, we also narrowed our search to European islands for any newlyweds who don’t want to travel as far for their trip.

Read on to discover the results…


Bora Bora

The number one most desirable island for a honeymoon was Bora Bora, with 13,000 online searches a month and 300,000 visitors. Part of the Leeward Islands in French Polynesia in the South Pacific Ocean, this popular destination is best known for the overwater bungalows that hover on stilts above the sea and provide guests with private accommodation, uninterrupted views and romantic seclusion that is perfect for newlyweds.

As well as the incredibly luxurious range of hotels and villas, Bora Bora is also a top destination for snorkelling and scuba diving thanks to the thick coral reef that surrounds the island. With a warm and dry climate most of the year and the kind of tropical scenery that most people only dream about, it’s easy to understand why so many couples come here on holiday.



Fiji is another tropical destination that promises unrivalled views, picture-perfect beaches and gorgeously warm weather. It’s no wonder that it came second place in our list of popular islands for a honeymoon, with 3,700 monthly searches and 894,399 visitors coming to enjoy the archipelago of over 300 different islands.

Located in the South Pacific Ocean over 4,500 miles off the coast of Australia, Fiji is a remote destination that is ideal for honeymooners who want to get away from it all on their trip and enjoy a classic ‘desert island’ experience. Whether you spend your time relaxing on the dazzling beaches, diving amongst the wealth of marine life, discovering the local culture or enjoying the hospitality of all kinds of holiday accommodation, it’s a country that offers an experience like no other.



With its iconic whitewashed buildings topped with striking blue roofs, panoramic views of the ocean and plethora of glamorous holiday resorts, it’s no surprise that so many couples search for Santorini when planning where to travel on their honeymoon. This number one destination has a search volume of 1,900 users a month, with 520,000 visitors making it the third most popular island to visit on a honeymoon.

Santorini is the most famous of the Cyclades islands, located off the coast of Greece in the middle of the Aegean Sea. If you’re seeking a destination with a romantic atmosphere you’ll be hard-pressed to find somewhere more suited to newlyweds, with plenty of stunning beaches, boutique hotels, top-rated bars and restaurants, and a reputation for some of the most beautiful sunsets on the planet.



In fourth place on our ultimate list was Mauritius, with 1,405,000 visitors and 3,100 monthly searches. This popular island honeymoon destination is found to the east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean and is best known for its incredible beaches with soft white sand, sapphire blue water and views stretching right out to the horizon.

Mauritius is another destination that promises a remote island experience that is perfect for couples seeking romantic opportunities to be alone together surrounded by stunning scenery. But the cultural offering of this destination is also fantastic, with a diverse history of inhabitants, incredible local cuisine, and all kinds of creatures living amongst the various coastal and inland habitats that you won’t find in many other parts of the world.



Caribbean islands are always a top choice for honeymooners, so it’s unsurprising that one of the most popular has made the top five of our list. Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory in the eastern Caribbean Sea that is frequently visited by the rich and famous because of its lack of crowds and incredible scenery, receiving 95,375 visitors and 200 monthly searches.

Anguilla is the perfect destination for newly married couples who want nothing more than to relax on their honeymoon, with plenty of gorgeous beaches to choose from as well as a huge range of hotels, resorts and coastal villas. The island is truly a hidden gem of the Caribbean, making it the perfect place to disconnect from the rest of the world and unwind with the one you love.

Read on to discover the results of the best European islands for honeymooning…



Not only is Santorini in the top five most desirable islands for a honeymoon, but it’s also in the number one spot for the most popular island honeymoon destinations in Europe. 1,900 monthly searches have led to 520,000 visitors who come to see the famous clifftop towns with their white stone buildings and dazzling views out over the ocean.

This Greek destination is a top choice for honeymooners looking to visit a European island, located between Athens and Crete in the Aegean Sea and experiencing mild and relatively dry weather all year round with blissfully hot summers. There are plenty of cultural and historic attractions, hundreds of beaches and coves, and all kinds of coastal resorts and classic holiday villas, so it’s no surprise that this location has made it onto both of our lists.



Iceland came in second place for the most popular European honeymoon islands, with 1,500 monthly searches. The prospect of cosying up in front of a fire with your spouse whilst the snow falls outside is clearly an ideal romantic break for many couples, with the country’s wintery weather and dramatic frozen landscapes offering the perfect backdrop for a honeymoon.

Of course, a chance of seeing the Northern Lights is another reason why Iceland is such a searched-for honeymoon destination, with a huge proportion of the 2,000,000 visitors coming to try and glimpse the incredible natural phenomenon. Visiting the geothermal spa at the Blue Lagoon is another popular attraction for newlyweds, along with exploring the sights of the Golden Circle or enjoying Icelandic culture in cities like Reykjavik. 



The second Greek island in this top five, Mykonos is the third most popular result with 300 monthly searches and 474,081 visitors. Another destination in the Aegean Sea, whilst famously known as quite a popular place to party, Mykonos also makes an excellent honeymoon location for couples who are seeking picture-perfect island scenery with more of a cosmopolitan atmosphere. 

Mykonos has been the favoured holiday destination for the rich and glamorous since the 1950s, but only in more recent decades has it been recognised as a top island for nightlife, beaches and charming architecture. There’s a fantastic range of luxurious hotels and boutique beach resorts, with plenty of cultural attractions if dancing on the beach until dawn is not really your thing.



Sicily is one of Italy’s most popular regions; a large island to the west of the country that is known for its unique culture and variety of attractions. It’s the fourth most popular European island for a honeymoon with 1,200,000 visitors and 250 monthly searches, offering couples a mixture of gorgeous coastal scenery and modern towns and cities.

Honeymooners in Sicily can take their pick from the range of beach resorts, luxury hotels and coastal villas, enjoying the range of scenery and an incredible selection of historic architecture scattered across the island. The climate is hot and sunny, the food is renowned and the landscapes are beautiful wherever you turn; what more could you ask for?



In fifth place is Malta; an archipelago in the Mediterranean that is known for being the tenth smallest country in the world. With 250 monthly searches for honeymoons on the islands and 2,020,000 visitors, it’s an incredibly popular spot with a lot to offer despite its small size.

There are plenty of historic sites around Malta that make it an ideal honeymoon destination for newlyweds who enjoy cultural sightseeing, as well as plenty of rugged coastline offering incredible views out into the ocean. It’s an ideal location for a Mediterranean beach honeymoon, with both contemporary and rustic places to stay to suit every kind of couple.


To find out the most desirable islands for honeymooning, we first collated a list of islands around the world and then analysed the average monthly search volume for each using the search term ‘[ISLAND NAME] Honeymoon’. 

To take this one step further, we then looked at the last-reported visitor numbers (pre-Covid) for each island and divided this by the search volume data. 

This enabled us to find out which were the ‘most desired’ – the islands that are most searched for but people don’t actually get the opportunity to visit.

The full dataset is available upon request.


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