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Adventure Tours in Greece

While the Mediterranean region may be famous for romantic candlelit dinners on the sand and leisurely days out on the water, it’s also an ideal destination for the adventurer, particularly travelers who are seeking a more active tour of Greece. Explore Athens on two wheels, pedaling through the capital city as you marvel at its historic and modern delights, taking in many iconic landmarks. Join a hiking and photo tour of Santorini, taking the famous trek along the path between Oia and Fira along the edge of the caldera as you gaze out at the sapphire Aegean on a hiking and photo tour. This breathtaking island offers countless opportunities for photo-ops with some of the best found along this stunning route. You might paddle through the brilliant blue waters off the shores of Paros in a sea kayak, spending the day paddling, swimming and snorkeling, exploring caves and secluded coves. Hiking in Naxos is practically a must on an active trip to Greece, home to the tallest mountain in the Cyclades, Mount Zas. You’ll be rewarded with one of the most jaw-dropping vistas of your entire trip as the island-dotted island unfolds below, and the only sounds you’ll hear are the songs of the birds and the clanging of bells as goats scurry across the rocky cliffs.

  • Cyclades Island Adventure

    Athens - Paros - Santorini

    9 DAYS
    From $2,995PP
    Visit Ancient Athens before jetting off to discover island life in Paros and Santorini.
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  • 10 Day Discover the Cyclades on Wheels & Water

    Athens - Milos (by sea) - Santorini (by sea) - Mykonos (by sea) - Athens (by air)

    9 DAYS
    From $3,495PP
    Ideal 10 day trip for the adventurer looking for a more active tour of Greece. Start this excursion in Athens before island hopping to Milos, Mykonos and Santorini, exploring remote lands by 4X4, kayaking through clear emerald waters, sailing and enjoying intriguing guided tours.
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  • The Active Cyclades 12 Day Private Tour

    Athens - Tinos - Naxos - Ios - Athens

    11 DAYS
    From $4,995PP
    This incredible 12-day adventure covers Athens, Tinos, Ios and Naxos and is ideal for those who want a more active vacation while still enjoying time for relaxation. You’ll get to experience the Greek capital along with some of the Cyclades best lesser-known islands, avoiding the big tourist crowds for a more off-the-beaten-path experience.
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